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Interesting Facts about Presidents` Day

Interesting Facts about Presidents` Day The Celebration of Presidents’ Day in the USA Presidents` Day is an American national holiday, which is celebrated on the third Monday of February. This holiday is also known as the birthday of the first US President, George Washington. However, later, this holiday became the celebration honoring all US Presidents. This day was proclaimed a federal holiday in 1879. The first attempt to celebrate this holiday on the third Monday of February took place in 1968, but it failed. However, later, in February 1971 it was accepted. This holiday has different names in different states, but the purpose is the same to praise the fame of all US Presidents, as people who changed the world`s history. Curious Facts about Presidents` DayGeorge Washington`s Birthday/Presidents` Day is considered a federal holiday in the United States. Although the official date of Washington`s birthday is 22 February, the holiday is celebrated on the third Monday of February. George Washington`s birthday was celebrated in the US even while he was still alive. This date was accompanied with various festivals and parties. Washington was born in 1732 and met his death in 1799. George Washington was one of a few US presidents who ruled the country for two terms. His unique style of leadership and personal skills made people believe him and support his candidacy. Before becoming the US President, Washington built a brilliant military career. Thus, under his leadership, the US Continental Army defeated the British Army in 1783. Many of contemporary Americans consider this politician as the most influential one in the US history. President Rutherford B. Hayes wanted to recognize the incredible achievements of George Washington and suggested to make his birthday a federal holiday. The birthday of Abraham Lincoln, the President who ended the institute of slavery, falls closely to Washington`s one, but it is not celebrated as the national holiday. The capital of the United States, Washington DC, is called after the name of this great President. Cherries are the most popular product for making desserts on this day. This fact is closely connected with the life of George Washington when he claimed that he would never cut down a cherry tree. Surprisingly enough, but this day has become the date when retailers make major sales making huge discounts on the old stock. In schools, teachers organize lessons in honor of the great politician explaining to their students what events led to the holiday. Some people spell the name of the holiday as President`s Day, and some prefer to say Presidents` Day. The spelling demonstrates the individual`s position towards the holiday. Some people believe that not only Washington did his best to improve the country`s well-being, so they want to praise other Presidents as well. Although Presidents` Day is a national holiday, it is celebrated in different ways in different states.

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Case Analysis - Schindler India

Case Analysis Schindler India Essay MGT 554: International Business and Law Silvio Napoli at Schindler India (A) – A Case Analysis ____________________________________________________________ __________________ CASE ANALYSIS – SCHINDLER INDIA Schindler Holding Ltd, a respected Swiss elevator company, was established in 1874 by Robert Schindler and the first Schindler elevator was installed in India in 1925. After technical and sales collaborations with Indian companies, ECE and Bharat Bijlee Ltd. (BBL) in 1958 and 1985, Schindler Ltd decided to setup a wholly owned company in India in 1998. The Indian economy had been liberalized in 1991 and the economy was growing at a rapid clip with many commercial buildings, hotels etc, being setup. Sensing the growing opportunity, Alfred Schindler, Chairman and 4th generation founder family member, decided to invest in India. But he also knew that Indian elevator market was very demanding requiring customization even at the lowest elevator product range and very price sensitive. The market was also competitive and he was also aware that almost 50% of the market was captured by their worldwide competitors, Otis, and the remaining 24% by other well known brands like Finland based Kone etc. It was clear to him that entering this competitive yet potentially lucrative and profitable market would require services of a person with qualities of having a long term vision, foresight, be able to take high risks, be decisive, require thorough understanding of the local elevator market and to be able to adapt to the ever-changing local market conditions. Mr. Silvio Napoli seemed to have the right qualities for the job. Graduating with MBA from Harvard Business School, Silvio was appointed as head of corporate planning and was involved in strategic review processes, benchmarking and competitor analysis etc. hereby gaining good understanding of the global elevator market. He also gained good MGT 554: International Business and Law Silvio Napoli at Schindler India (A) – A Case Analysis ____________________________________________________________ __________________ experience managing a project that developed a standardized, low cost elevator for the highly saturated western e levator markets of France, Spain etc. , an experience that could also be leveraged for the Indian market. Silvio was also assigned with the task of evaluating the Indian elevator market for potential joint ventures, understand prevailing legal systems, estimate market size etc. and with this knowledge Silvio presented a India specific business plan to the corporate headquarters, which was quickly approved. So, Silvio should have been the right person for the job, but after reviewing his progress after 7 months, it became clear that he lacked essential qualities of having a long term vision, foresight, inflexibility and patience. Yes it is true that Silvio did a research about India and could get all the necessary information to start the wholly owned subsidiary of Schindler in India, but he lacked in understanding the cultural preferences and local preference to customizations. Silvio was strong headed and single minded, impatient and short tempered and also over communicative. He was not open to ideas communicated by his senior management, including managing director, Mehar Karan Singh, who emphasized on the need to have patience in the Indian market and develop relationships with customers. All these qualities of Silvio are not exactly appropriate in the Indian elevator market and could also lead to ineffective management control and dissatisfied subordinates. Given that Schindler was expecting large growth in a short period of time (sell 50 units in first year and have 20% of the market share within 5 years), it is clear Silvio also lacked execution capabilities. In the 7 months since Schindler established a dedicated presence in India, not a single elevator was installed in the country. Future prospects also looked bleak with no new concrete orders and escalated cost of elevators. READ: Essay on Junk Food By Judith Warner EssayMr. Luc Bonnard, Vice Chairman of the MGT 554: International Business and Law Silvio Napoli at Schindler India (A) – A Case Analysis ____________________________________________________________ __________________ company, naturally was not pleased with Silvio’s performance. From Luc Bonnard’s perspective, Silvio had managed to setup the entity in India in a very cost effective manner, without incurring major investments. The company had no dedicated elevator manufacturing facilities, no elaborate logistics or distribution investments and infact office space and furniture were also rented. Silvio had also hired some of the best local talent in key managerial and technical positions in the country. But these measures per se will not lead to profitability and it is recommended that for Silvio to succeed, he would have to first increase product offering in the country, showcase latest technology though it may be expensive in the price conscious market, start setting up a manufacturing facility and not overly depend on outsourcing every aspect right from assembly, be updated with the latest pricing from corporate headquarters and establish tighter communication and rapport between the local and corporate facilities of the company. Silvio formed new management team, which seemed to have a better grasp of the local elevator market conditions, was not comfortable with Silvio’s rigidity in concentrating on standardized elevators without much customization and seriously doubted if the company could be successful with only one low end, standardized elevator, S001. So, when there was a sales opportunity for some elevators, even though they required customization, the management team grabbed this opportunity without Silvio’s knowledge. But Silvio seemed to disagree or unhappy with this order since it went against his policy of minimizing elevator customizations and using only standardarized product offerings. There was no adaptability in Silvio’s business plan and he rigidly believed in global standardization strategy to focus on increasing profitability and profit MGT 554: International Business and Law Silvio Napoli at Schindler India (A) – A Case Analysis ____________________________________________________________ __________________ growth. Napoli’s plan called for Schindler India to sell 50 units in first year and to win 20% market share. The company has a strong pressure to reduce cost and limited pressure to adapt to the Indian market. It is recommended that for Silvio to succeed in the Indian market, he must immediately alter his plan and introduce elevator customizations. In the short term, his technical staff must be sent to the corporate headquarters for training on existing standardized elevator design, understand the technical specifications and explore possible customization options in the current range of elevators. In case if the existing team was still felt to be too inexperienced to handle this new range of elevators, then Silvio must also have options to bring in technically qualified personnel from the headquarters. For a long term strategy, it is recommended there are flexible technology transfer agreement between the Indian subsidiary and the corporate headquarters for multiple elevator product ranges that allows high degree of elevator customization. It is also highly recommended to set up a Greenfield manufacturing facility in the country to leverage on the cost and labor arbitrage, instead of extensively outsourcing and depending on external vendors for elevator assembly and spare parts. In addition to the problems faced in executing elevator orders due to elevator customization issues, Silvio also erred in formulating appropriate pricing strategy for India. His business plan did not consider important financial related factors like effect of Government policies on elevator industry, fluctuations in the currency exchange rate, effect of changes in the new transfer policy introduced by the corporate headquarters etc. As it is known, transfer pricing is determined various factors but primarily on profit earned by the subsidiary and also takes into account difference in the currency exchange READ: Changing Use Of Language EssayMGT 554: International Business and Law Silvio Napoli at Schindler India (A) – A Case Analysis By Satish Krishnamoorthy, Ramya Narayanaswamy, Karthik Chittatoor, Kamalendra Velendra ____________________________________________________________ __________________ rates. To handle the current pricing crisis, in the short term, it is recommended for Silvio to immediately negotiate with the corporate headquarters to revert back on the old transfer pricing method hat he had used to calculate pricing. For the long term, Silvio should enter into a mutual agreement with corporate headquarters that there will be no changes in transfer pricing methodology and changes in prices of essential imported elevator spare parts, without adequate prior intimation. Alternately, Silvio can also mutually agree on the transfer prices of some of the models transfer prices in his yearly budget and thereby shielding from sudden changes in the pricing.

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Democratic assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Democratic assessment - Essay Example However, in this particular article, we are going to lay emphasis on the democratic organization and structure of Canada and at the same time compare it to the various democracies globally. First and foremost Canada is a country situated in the North American continent. It is a vast nation which stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the pacific and further to the Arctic Ocean. 1Apparently, it is a federal parliamentary nation and at the same times a constitutional monarchy with the royal family as the head of the nation. On that note, the nation is founded on the following values: freedom, democracy, democratic leadership, human rights and finally the rule of law. 2However, the democracy in Canada has faced harsh criticism on the fact that it is termed as being less participatory on the part of representation following the politicians advocating for policies which serve their own interest as opposed the interest of the majority of the people. Despite all that, the government has tirel essly worked to restore the participation of the public through election. In addition to that, elections have provided a forum in which the people of a nation have control over the governing authorities and their policies.3 Apparently, elections have served as a vetting forum for the leaders. In addition to that, through elections people have been able to elect credible leaders for the various public administrative positions for instance the Member of Parliament in the case of Canada and therefore accountability in office has been boosted greatly since failure to deliver on office means one would not be reelected during the next election. 4Furthermore, elections give the people the authority to select the leader they feel will represent them fully in the government; address their grievance to the governing body. On the contrary, through referendum exercises the people have been able to approve the policies they regard in their best interest and at the same time disapprove some of th e policies formulated by the government that they view are unsuitable for the nation’s growth. In other words, elections have given the people power to select which policies to approve to law. 5For instance, in case the government of a nation needs to amend the constitution; which is the law of the country, they may require a majority vote of the citizens in a bid to approve and ensure the participation of the people in democracy of the nation. On a similar theme, people are also given the power to control the policy through the fact that they get to elect new officials during every election. On that note, the newly elected individuals come in with new ideas and policies which are aimed at improving the living standards of people. Consequently, the people are able to keep in check the activities of the government. Apparently, in Canada elections are held on several fronts in the government. 6On that note, there are the national, provincial, municipal and finally the territori al elections. Notably, the parliament of Canada consists of two major divisions; the House of Commons which contain three hundred and eight members and the senate which has one hundred and five appointees of the governor general with the aid of the prime minister. During

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Mao's China and Beyond Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Mao's China and Beyond - Essay Example At any point when a nation and its people are faced with times of change, such evolution can be hectic as it moves forward to approach whatever issues, would need to be handled. Each national party and their leader(s), along with the citizenry themselves, would have unique interpretations of what should and shouldn't be there.These changes can and often times do, take many shapes. Such as, resulting issues over social welfare, economic standing, along with the resulting political unrest that transpires alongside everything else. For the citizens of China, they would encounter ramifications of their own, as a result of the advancement of the Communist movement. Over time, the influence of the movement would be determined. According to Maoism, "Deliberate organizing of mass military and economic power was deemed necessary to defend the revolutionary threat, while centralization kept corruption under supervision," ("Communism", p.15). This in itself would appear to be a positive step, b ut only time would tell how much. Any nation, or civilization, possesses cultural structures, for which they would be proud of. The structures that would be set to distinguish themselves from one another and in the process, would act as a unifier for the general masses. From the social standpoint, "As with the New Culture movement, Mao believed that all vestiges of Chinese traditional culture needed to be overturned. These included hsiao, or filial piety, Confucianism, monarchism, ancestor worship, religion, and the authority of elders," (Hooker, p.2). The movement of Mao's ideology, would further be translated politically as well. In viewing the political philosophy set forth, it would appear as if a contradiction in meaning. When most view proposed democracy, they view it in terms similar, if not exact, to the present US structure of government. In essence of this, "Mao himself referred to "New Democracy" as "democratic centralism"," (Hooker, p.3). With every revolution, comes the hope of a new beginning and the progression from old ideas, to new and what may be seen as better ones. The problem would potentially be that, "Democratic centralism essence a dictatorship- "a dictatorship of all revolutionary classes," in Mao's words- power would be concentrated in the hands of a few in order to guarantee that all class interests are represented," (Hooker, p.3). In further study, it would be discovered that part of Mao's policy, would be making both the financial institutions and general industry more on a national scale. Also there would be re-allocation of land coming from the wealthier owners and going to those who would have been at the very bottom of the economic class system. After Mao assumed his power hold in 1949, he re-named the previously mentioned principle of democratic thinking that he saw as being new, to something called the People's Democratic Dictatorship. While the general idea would further go on to make mention of the strength of the people's convictions and what they wanted to be handled by the ruling government, it would still place power within one central force. Question: What was the historical context of the Hundred Flowers

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Review of Research Paper on Insulin :: Biology Diabetes

Missing Graphs BACKGROUND: Let's go back to the 1920s, when diabetes was discovered and the study of glucose began. There was a scientist named Minkowsky, and he wondered what caused diabetes. So, he did something crazy: He took a urine sample from a normal patient and a sample from a diabetic patient, and tasted them! He observed that the sample from the diabetic patient was sweet, so he concluded that diabetes had something to do with high glucose levels (lots of sugar in the blood). In the same decade, two scientists named Benting and Best performed another experiment to see which chemically made pancreas would do the best job in lowering glucose levels. This led to the discovery of insulin. Moving on to the 1940s, scientists were curious about what exactly insulin had to do with glucose. Basically, insulin increases the amount of glucose that gets transported to the plasma membrane of every cell in your body, so the breakdown of glucose will be faster. Now, the question was quantity vs. quality: did insulin actually make the glucose transporters work better, or did insulin simply increase the number of glucose transporters within each cell? This is what this paper answers. PROCEDURES: When looking at the methods in this paper, it is easy to get lost and confused amidst all the scientific terms and complicated language. However, when broken down into simpler terms, the methods used in the experiment in the paper become much clearer and create a basis for understanding for the remainder of the paper. Following is a short and understandable explanation of the methods used in the paper and also an explanation of the experiment that was performed to reach to conclusions in the paper. * The first method mentioned in the paper is the collagenase method. This method refers to the collagen that holds the fat cells that were extracted from the rats together. * This method is simply the breaking down of the collagen between the cells in order to separate and isolate them. * Another method used in the paper is refereed to when talking about homogenizing the cells. * This method refers to mixing up and grinding of the fat cells to make into an evenly distributed soup like substance that can then be used in the experiment. # When the homogenized soup is prepared, it is them put into a centrifuge tube and centrifuged.

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Should Parents Be Responsible If Their Children Behave Badly?

Many crimes and social problems are caused by children. Despite the damage these teenage criminals cause, parents are not held responsible in most countries. This essay will discuss whether parents should be forced to pay for their children's crimes. There are many reasons why parents should not be responsible for crimes committed by teenage children. First of all, teenagers today are independent. They often move out of the parent's house at 18 years of age or younger. They are expected to learn to take care of themselves and make their own decisions, and not stay like small children attached to their parents. Secondly, parents are working. They cannot watch their adolescent children all the time. Parents have done their job A third point is that even children from good families can sometimes commit crimes. Parents should not be responsible if they have worked hard to raise their children properly. However, because of the many problems young troublemakers cause, I feel we should make parents responsible. Firstly, most juvenile crimes are committed by adolescents whose parents do not care or make any effort to control their children. If parents had to pay fines, they might make more effort. Another point is that even though the children may seem mature, they are not really able to make good decisions. Parents should be responsible for raising and teaching their children until they are fully grown. Furthermore, if children know that their parents will have to pay, they will think carefully before doing getting into trouble In summary, there are good reasons both for and against making parents pay for acts committed by their children. However, I feel strongly that if we want to reduce the number of such crimes, we need to make parents take more responsibility.

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Geoffrey Chaucer s Impact On Literature - 1231 Words

Geoffrey Chaucer’s Impact on Literature: English poet Geoffrey Chaucer is acclaimed to be one of the best and most influential poets in history. Geoffrey Chaucer wrote several famous literary works in what is called middle English. Geoffrey Chaucer was born in 1340 in London, England. Over the course of Chaucer’s life, he entered and exited several different social classes. He began to write his most known pieces when he became a public servant to Countess Elizabeth of Ulster in 1357. He died on October 25, 1400 in London, England, and was buried in Westminster Abbey’s Poet’s Corner. In Chaucer’s life he wrote over 500 works of literature, which includes The Book of the Duchess, The House of Fame, The Legend of Good Women and Troilus and Criseyde. Chaucer’s best known work is The Canterbury Tales. The Canterbury Tales was highly influential on how different social classes were viewed back in the 1300’s. He is also known for hi s original style of writing that developed the vernacular of middle English. Chaucer has very clearly influenced and inspired several writers throughout history with his style of writing. Literature was impacted and forever changed by the literary works and style of writing that Geoffrey Chaucer contributed in the middle ages. Geoffrey Chaucer’s most famous work is â€Å"The Canterbury Tales†. Chaucer started writing The Canterbury Tales in 1386 and never actually finished them. The Canterbury Tales is made up by a collection of 24 storiesShow MoreRelatedWho Was Geoffrey Chaucer?888 Words   |  4 PagesWho was Geoffrey Chaucer? One of the most unique poets of during the Middle Ages was Geoffrey Chaucer. He was born in London sometime between 1340 and 1344. His parents were John Chaucer and Agnes Copton. John Chaucer was an affluent wine merchant and deputy to the king’s butler. Geoffrey held several opportunities early in his life serving as a noblewoman’s page, a courtier, a diplomat, a civil servant, and a collector of scrap metal. He was given theses oppurtunities because of who his father wasRead MoreThe Canterbury Tales By Geoffrey Chaucer1049 Words   |  5 PagesLiterature is often times used by scholars as a window into the past. From describing cultural norms to affirming historical events, writing can be used for a variety of reasons. The Miller’s Tale, a story from the internationally renown The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, provides its audience with insight into the workings and views of society in 14th century England. The tale follows the mischief of a carpenterà ¢â‚¬â„¢s wife and her lovers who attempt to gain her affection. The wife, Alisoun, commitsRead MoreChaucer s Canterbury Tales And The Wife Of Bath s Tale1167 Words   |  5 PagesDidactic literature is a work of writing that has been around for many centuries. It can come in all types of forms- novels, plays, poems, etc. The main similarity that all didactic literature have in common is their message. They all aim to impact their audience with a message or moral that usually involves religion, philosophy, history, or even politics. In a way, didactic literature always tries to improve a part of society in a moral basis. The reason it targets a part of society is becauseRead MoreMy Last Duchess By Robert Browning951 Words   |  4 Pagespianist. His love for writing dramatic monologues came from his father who gave him the love Browning had for art and literature. Browning attended the University of London for half a year before returning home to read in his father s library. His first work, Pauline: A Fragment of a Confession, was first issued in 1833. It was his second work that brought about his talents in the literature world. Paracelsus was the second work that Browning published; however, he felt as though it was failure, even thoughRead MoreThe Middle Ages Gain So Much Fame And Admiration From Others1916 Words   |  8 Pagesadmiration from others? Their works had to reflect what ordinary people were going through. They had to use their stories as a form of identity for many. Geoffrey Chaucer had this in mind when writing his most important piece of work, ‘The Canterbury Tales†™ and his other pieces of work that gained him the title as the father of English literature . Chaucer’s wrote the tales in the fourteenth century to dwell upon medieval society and to retell what society was going through at the time. His earlyRead MoreThe First Form Of English Language993 Words   |  4 Pagesconsistent reformation, the English language holds a highly diversified panorama of linguistic landscape. Dating back as early as 410 A.D., the fall of the Roman empire, neighboring countries and tribes vigorously fought for the rule of England (Literature). In the act, they transformed human interaction and left imprints of influence not only in monarchy or social paradigms, but in linguistic advancements as well. The English language has been a hybridized substance molded in the hands of war, explorationRead MoreReligion Throughout British Literature2205 Words   |  9 Pagesor cultural or psychological, have a deep impact on the story and are reflective of a lit erary time period. The differences in each story show the changes in the culture, religion, or the way people thought. The purpose of the sequential order of the stories is to show how man has changed his ways, how he has failed and how he has redeemed himself. The first piece of literature to be analyzed is Beowulf, which was written in approximately the late 800s A.D. Now, the author of Beowulf who is unknownRead MoreThe Middle Ages1747 Words   |  7 PagesLuiz Gustavo Machado Mrs. Phillips British Literature 6 January 2016 The English Middle Ages The middle ages (1066-1485) is known as the Dark ages for representing cultural and economic deterioration following the decline of the exuberant Roman Empire. However, a variety of important events that took place in that period, mainly in England, helped shape society as we know it today. Feudalism was created in the middle ages with the king at the top of military, political, and economic hierarchy, noblesRead MoreCourtly Love and Mediieval Romance7340 Words   |  30 Pagessatisfaction may not have been the main goal or even result of the ‘amour courtis’ but neither was the love entirely platonic as its foundation was sexual satisfaction. Classical literature, as demonstrated in Dido for Aeneas, the passion described through the text often refers to eros- hot lust. The passion described through this literature is hot and firry. Ars Armitoria and Remedia Amoris translated to mean The Art of Love and the Cure for Love, both written by Ovid are iconic and moralistic expositions